Stone Paving Solutions specialise in the installation of resin bound driveways. The quality and value of our resin bonded surfaces is second to none.

We specialise in the installation of resin bound driveways, paths and patios. A team of consummate professionals, we pride ourselves on a quality product at a fair price. The quality and value of our resin bonded surfaces is second to none.

We believe in looking after our environment and are taking steps to lower our carbon footprint. All our resin bound drives, paths and patios are made up of natural stone and 100% organic resin which looks fantastic, yet is as strong and durable as concrete without the heavy cost to the planet.

That’s simple; our product naturally drains water through the finished surface which means no more puddles. It is also resistant, hence giving it all round better traction for tyres and making it better for walking on. Last but not least its up to 10 times more eco friendly than concrete.

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What is Resin Bonding?

Resin Bonded aggregates create a fantastically smooth surface of natural stones in plain or mixed colours of varying textures. This can be overlaid on existing or new concrete or tarmac to create beautiful drives, paths, carparks or any light trafficked surface for a finish that is unrivalled with little or no maintenance required.

The use of dried aggregates bonded in resin appeared on the UK market around twenty five years ago and was originally pioneered in the US market. The advances made in epoxy and polymer resins have led to advanced systems that cater for all types of commercial and domestic applications. The stunning colour shades available give a great alternative to paving or tarmac finishes and can be selected to blend in fully with the surrounding area.

The market for this type of finish increases year on year as specifiers for new build and restoration work acknowledge the extra choices that are now available to them. Naturally coloured and dust-free aggregates are bonded onto a resin coat applied to concrete or tarmac, fixing in place the material whilst leaving a layer of loose chippings to give the effect of gravel but without the hassle of gravel moving about.

Why Choose Resin Bound Paving?

Create the ultimate first impression: a great-looking, versatile surface as a welcome to your home.

A prestigious new driveway, courtyard or garden path can change the whole look of your property and can add thousands to your house value. That’s especially true if your drive or courtyard takes up a good proportion of the front of your home.

  • Home improvements: Create an exclusive new entrance to your home. Add a coloured border to define your resin bound driveway and frame your garden planting.
  • New builds: Resin bound paving from Stone Paving Solutions is well suited to newbuild projects requiring a smart, modern look.
  • Heritage sites and listed buildings: English Heritage and the National Trust have approved resin bound paving systems for use in historic environments. With a wide range of natural colours to choose from, Stone Paving Solutions can create a surface sympathetic to any location.
  • Swimming pool surrounds: Resin bound surfaces are comfortable under bare feet, and highly porous, allowing water to naturally soak away.
  • The look of gravel, without the loose stones: Natural gravel looks great – and resin bound gravel ensures you won’t get stones in the treads of your shoes or in your car or house.
  • Colours to complement your home: Whether you live in a townhouse, a contemporary new build, a country cottage or a modern bungalow, you’ll find the right driveway or path Stone Paving Solutions colour for you. UVstable resins mean the colour won’t fade over time.
  • Creative designs: Unlike traditional paving, the seamless Stone Paving Solutions system lends itself to original designs. It can be laid in any pattern including curves, motifs, letters and numbers to create contrasting borders or personalised decorative effects.
  • Water drains away: Resin bound surfaces are porous, allowing water to naturally soak away. This helps reduces flooding and keeps tree roots supplied with rainwater,
  • Drain covers blend in: We can replace old drain covers with inset lid covers filled with the resin bound mixture, so you have a continual uninterrupted surface.
  • Great for accessibility: Wheelchairs, pushchair and cycles all roll freely on resin bound gravel.

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