Professional Tarmacadam Services in Plymouth and surrounding areas

Stone Paving Solutions also offer professional tarmacadam services in Plymouth and other surrounding areas.  We specialise our services on driveways, private and industrial roads surfacing, car parks and business forecourts.

A tarmac driveway has many key benefits. Tarmac is cost effective compared to other material and you won’t require as much time on the general construction. For any household or business on a budget this could be the perfect solution! What’s more you will also find that it causes less disruption to your home during the initial process.

tarmac driveways leighton buzzard

What are the benefits?

The main benefits of tarmac is that it is a very sustainable option. Over time, paving stones can raise up, the pointing can become loose, they can crack and overall, this is very unsightly. Tarmac however will never become unsightly unless you get pot holes and this only really happens after years of heavy use. You will also find that paving stones or bricks can sink when used in a driveway because the weights placed on certain points.

With tarmac, your driveway or will never experience this and it is also a far better solution to prevent water damage and durability. Overall. tarmac has a host of benefits to your car tyres including skid resistant and even in extreme weather your car will still hold some level of grip to the surface. Tarmac isn’t just ideal for driveways however, it is multi-functional so you can be sure to reap the benefits in no time at all.

Stone Paving Solutions uses its own highly skilled team to carry out all the work we do – we never sub-contract. That way, we are able to ensure the quality of everything we do and can confidently offer a 10-year guarantee on all our work against sinking or subsidence.

Contact Stone Paving Solutions today on 01752 548805 or 07468 272097 for a no-obligation quote or to discuss your requirements and how we can help.